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Choosing A Professional Landscape Company

A landscape installation is one of the more complex home improvement projects a homeowner will ever undertake. For starters, it is a project that will most likely be done once or twice in your life. Secondly, you are investing in something that is living. It will be growing from the first day the plants are installed.


So how do you know who to choose? Below you will find a list of the twelve Frequently Asked Questions you should be aware of to insure that you are comfortable with any company you are considering for your project.

How long has the company been in business? Is landscape design the company's full time business?

American Beauty Landscape Design has been in the landscaping business since 1973 and it's the company's only business!

Is the company licensed and insured?

American Beauty Landscape Design is a licensed home improvement contractor, #13VH02791100, a licensed pesticide business #97732A and a multimillion dollar insurance policy.

Does the company look professional on paper, employees, uniforms, trucks, etc?

American Beauty Landscape Design employees wear company uniforms and the company's fleet of trucks proudly displays the business' logo.

Does the company hire day laborers or use unlicensed workers or people that "work on the side"?

American Beauty Landscape Design employees are all full time, tax paying U.S. citizens or documented new immigrants. The only sub-contractor you'll ever see will be licensed and insured.

Are you getting an individualized, custom design by an accredited landscape designer or a cookie cutter plan?

American Beauty Landscape Design provides individualized, custom designs specific to your landscape. See company profile.

Will that designer be present on your job site from start to finish or will you be passed off to another employee?

American Beauty Landscape Design landscape designers will act as project manager and be present throughout the course of your installation.

Does the company plant materials that meet or exceed the American Association of Nurserymen's standards? Does the company install to the highest horticultural practices? Do they achieve a 98% mortality rate?

American Beauty Landscape Design does.

Has the company answered yes to the 8 key questions above for a successful paver or retaining wall installation?

American Beauty Landscape Design proudly answers 'Yes' to all eight quesions.


Are the company's projects completed one at a time with start and completion dates given in advance?

American Beauty Landscape Design works on your project and your project alone until completed and provides a written timeline from start to finish.


Will the company be treating your project like it was being done at their own home?

American Beauty Landscape Design treats every project like it was being installed on their own property.

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