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Commercial Snow Plowing

Of all the natural disasters that occur a snow storm, if handled correctly, is the most manageable. The simple act of plowing your parking lot was enough a long, long time ago. Times have changed. Today liability is a multi-million dollar business. Your assets and your properties must be protected.

American Beauty Landscape Design provides snow and ice management services so employees, customers and vendors can safely access your property. Regardless of the type of facility you have, American Beauty Landscape Design can provide services based on your needs and your tenants' schedules….not ours.

Why American Beauty Landscape Design?

American Beauty Landscape Design is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . . . PERIOD. The company begins preparations long before the first flakes begin to fly, and continues with frequent visits in order to keep traffic flowing; working into the off-hours for plowing and snow relocation, as well as for spot salting the next day and any subsequent days following a freeze- thaw cycle.


Having its own facility with garage space for repairs and indoor salt storage allows American Beauty Landscape Design to always have on hand what is needed, when it is needed. There will never be a pile of salt, half covered with a tarp, on your property, exposing you to Department of Environmental Protection violations for salt leaching or an ice covered lot because your salt has become frozen solid.


The American Beauty Landscape Design snow plowing fleet is second to none. A large amount of time, effort and capital have been invested and reinvested in the most up-to-date and newest equipment available. American Beauty Landscape Design owns trucks of all sizes with plows, hopper and under tail gate salt spreaders, articulated rubber tire loaders with snow pushers, skid steer loaders with snow pushers, A.T.V. with mini plows, snow blowers and of course, lots of shovels.

It is the small, un-noticed things that separate professionals from the others. Call American Beauty Landscape Design today for more information.

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