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Retaining Walls

American Beauty Landscape Design has been installing retaining walls since the used railroad tie or fieldstone rocks were the materials of choice. Dry-laid stone walls have always had their place in the landscape but are limited to height restrictions.

In the early 1980's precast wall blocks were introduced. These wall systems have had tremendous improvements over the years and American Beauty Landscape Design have kept up with every advance. Through extensive testing, American Beauty Landscape Design is recognized by the National Concrete Masonry Association as Certified Level 1 retaining wall builders, a rare accreditation among landscape businesses.

American Beauty Landscape Design pays particular attention to the construction of retaining walls. From assisting the client choose a style that is structurally sound and architecturally correct, to following the manufacturer's instruction specifications. The fit and finish is what the company's clients notice.

Tight joints and smooth curves, uniform stepping of wall sections and stone facing set American Beauty Landscape Design apart from other landscape companies. Staircases that are wide and welcoming along with structurally-sound beautiful-to-look-at walls add interest and function to your landscape.

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