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Pool Patios

American Beauty Landscape Design has been involved with the design and installation of pool patios for many, many years. In the beginning, a built-in pool was a 16'x32' rectangle with 3' of concrete around the edge. With advancements throughout the years, the rectangle pool has evolved into a free-form swimming pool with a spill over spa and built-in waterfall.


Today a swimming pool is more than a place to get wet. It is a place for family memories to be born and a place for family and friends to gather. The swimming pool has become a backyard retreat; your own private vacation spot!


With a master plan focusing on the needs and expectations of each individual client, the pool and the pool patio has become the heart and soul of the backyard oasis.

A pool patio is different from other patio areas. Particular attention must be paid to the safety of the patio.

The construction details are different as well. The design of the pool patio must be an extension of the pool and the surrounding landscape.

Let American Beauty Landscape Design show you the key to creating your backyard oasis!

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